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Science-based business research on the future of AI, generative AI, and foundation models
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Solving complex problems in a workshops
Sonder design thinking = Human-centered design + AI

About Sonder Context

With our premium research membership, Sonder Context, we’re building on a long history in market, user, and technical summary research. 

For the past decade, we’ve focused on the intersection of AI and human behavioral research. We’ve built deep expertise in AI development and use. We understand what humans want from AI and how to design for it. We are experts at parsing, distilling, and communicating complex and important research from computer science and behavioral science. 

We are in an historic moment. Millions of people around the world are rushing to understand how to use generative AI. ChatGPT went from research prototype to a multimillion dollar enterprise in less than three months. It’s both exciting and overwhelming. Every consumer and enterprise AI system will be effective by this technology. 

We’re launching Sonder Context in response to huge demand for clarity amid the swirl of news, research, and innovation. We’ve been preparing for this moment for a decade—when a product is launched that brings AI into everyone’s consciousness, demanding a new approach to how AI-infused products are designed, launched, and adopted.  

Our research is grounded in science, guided by design, and delivered with personality. Learn more about Sonder Context, our premium membership for collective intelligence innovation. 

Sonder Context delivers:

Solving complex problems in a workshops
Sonder design thinking = Human-centered design + AI

Collective intelligence understanding

We activate the collective intelligence of humans and machines in the complex world. We are experts in understanding how you, your customers, and your employees will connect with AI. There is good evidence that collective intelligence increases when groups of people work with AI but it has to be designed from the start. Our research is unique because we bring design expertise to the strategic conversation around AI adoption.

Science-based business research

We ground ourselves in the science of artificial intelligence, collective intelligence, complexity, data science, neuroscience, and psychology. And we’re constantly absorbing the research that’s changing the industry today and will change it in the future. We distill it into plain English “so what?” synthesis so you have the strategic insight you need. With Sonder Context, we’re building on a long history in market, user, and technical summary research. For the past decade, we’ve focused on the intersection of AI and human behavioral research, preparing for the current moment when millions of people around the world are trying to understand how to use generative AI and other consumer and enterprise AI systems.

Designed for leaders

We designed Sonder Context for senior leaders in data, innovation, marketing, product, strategy, and technology. You’re busy—we get that. We give you action-oriented insights to innovate, make better decisions and solve better problems—quickly and efficiently. Then we give you the ability to dig deeper and explore ideas on your own, with us, and with your peers.

Content the way you want it

No more long-winded reports. No more difficult to navigate pdfs. Our content is digitally native, giving you what you need to know, when you need to know it. We love to communicate live so you won’t find it difficult to reach us directly like you do with other research firms.

Collaborative learning

AI strategy can’t be created in a vacuum. It requires experience and experimentation. We aren’t just researchers—we’re doers—and you’ll benefit from our hands on experience. We also bring you together with other industry leaders to learn together. 

Vendor independent

Every tech company in the world wants to be your advisor and convince you to buy their AI technology. They'll tell you they have the solution to any problem. They're biased, of course. We aren't, however. We don't have anything to sell other than our best insights and advice. And our goal is to make our research so useful to you that we'll develop a long partnership.

Examples of our research include:

Market Research:
• Foundation Models: Impact of Foundation Models on AI Strategy
• ChatGPT
: How to think about it and what to do with it. 
• AI-Enabled Productivity Stack: Tool selection and integration of modern AI-enabled workplace tools
• Emotional AI: Vendors, Use cases, Fact, and Fiction
• Future of Work: Impact of AI on jobsFuture of Education: Impact of AI on education value and human skills
• HR AI: Assessing vendors of AI-enabled HR technology
• Marketing AI: Vendors, capabilities, opportunities, and gotchas in Martech
• Valuing Data and Analytics Platforms: Valuation considerations of internal data and analytics platforms in product innovation
• Start-up Ecosystems: Innovation, Investment, and Inbreeding in AI Start-ups

User Research:
• AI for Good: The AI people actually want
• Future of Transportation: Self-driving cars—user needs, adoption, and challenges
• Future of Personal AI: What users want in a personal assistant
• Future of Wellness AI: What users want in a health and wellness coach
• Future of Professional Coaching: What users want the “coach in their pocket” to do (and not do) for them 

Technology Summary Research:
• Technology Direction: Foundation models—what you need to know
• Technology Direction
: Who will win the battle for Large Language Models
• Technology Direction: The race to encode commonsense, the “dark matter” of AI 
• Technology Direction: Voice as Search, differences in research approach of major the platforms

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