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Make Better & Faster Decisions

How to improve your decision-making in the digital age.

You already know how to make bad decisions … as do we all. This is the book you've been looking for to help you grow the skills and the confidence to make better & faster decisions more of the time.

Michael Bungay Stanier
Author of  The Coaching Habit and How to Begin
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So much research on biases in judgment and thinking; how to make use of it? The Edwards have done just that, distilled the numerous disparate phenomena into a practical guide that you can use.”

Barbara Tversky
Emerita Professor of Psychology, Stanford University, Professor of Psychology at Teachers College at Columbia University and author of Mind in Motion

“The book takes a novel and creative approach to a problem that has been investigated from every angle. It's refreshing, both in the focus on data and in the clever use of expert recommendations. I'll be scouring it for ideas for my decision-making courses and for my own writing and research.”

Steven Sloman
Professor of Cognitive Linguistic & Psychologic Sciences, Brown University and co-author of The Knowledge Illusion

“With Make Better Decisions, Helen and Dave have provided an elegant guide for reducing the complexity of the modern digital world that makes decision-making so hard. The 50 nudges they have crafted are instantly useful and serve as concrete techniques for making better decisions by yourself or with others..”

Tim Leberecht
Co-CEO, House of Beautiful Business and author of The Business Romantic

Want to take Make Better & Faster Decisions "on the road"?

This handy pack of flash cards enables you to use your favorite cards with others. Each card has the minimum you need to make your practice practical with when, why and how to for each nudge. Buy a set for the team!

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Exceptional Podcast, very Thought Provoking.
Five star podcast

Helen and Dave do an amazing job in picking knowledgable hosts who excel at communicating their concpets and ideas. But more than that they go above and beyond, truly showcasing their own backgrounds in the field, and ensuring that they are well informed on the subject matter before each interview. This is a podcast I have recommended to my fellow.

AI overview by AI experts
Five star podcast

A practical overview of AI with plenty of real world cases.


Make better & faster decisions book

How to stop making bad decisions and start making better decisions.

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Make better & faster decisions book

How to start designing better products for digital experiences.

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Make better & faster decisions book

How to use the digital age to solve better problems.

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Make better & faster decisions book

How to design strong cultures in the digital age.

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Mind for our Minds Book
Mind for our minds
New book coming soon
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