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About Sonder Studio

At Sonder Studio, we consider ourselves wayfinders for humans in the digital age.

We empower people to be better decision-makers and problem-solvers in our complex age of machines and data. Through our research, learning and development programs, education, and consulting we help leaders better craft decision-making practices and problem-solving processes for the future of work.

We created Sonder Studio to empower humans in our complex age of machines and data. We believe in the richness of humans and that human agency is essential. We believe that data and AI are powerful and exciting—if they are designed for the benefit of humans.

Humans are being digitized. Every moment of our lives is being captured, analyzed, stored, predicted, and recommended by machines. This digitization is exciting because it can create new opportunities for organizations and individuals to understand everyone around the world in an instant. But it is also deeply troubling as companies use AI to drive profits using data that they don’t understand.

Data promised to make decisions easier. Algorithms promised to reduce how many decisions we need to make. AI promises—or threatens—to make human decisions obsolete. Yet, the opposite is happening because modern data makes decisions harder and AI makes human judgment more—not less-valuable.

Our modern, interconnected world is inherently complex, creating data that is too complex for humans to find meaningful. As we have connected the world, we have connected the world’s problems, creating a new class of complex problems that confound and confuse.

Here’s how we help:- We research these challenges and opportunities across academic fields—behavioral economics, cognitive science, complexity science, computer science, decision science, design, design, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology.- We create engaging and interactive educational programs that improve decision-making and complex problem-solving.- We work with leaders to co-create corporate learning and development programs, develop data and AI strategies, and design solutions to complex problems.- We help organizations future-proof their people, systems, and cultures.

Meet our Founders and Wayfinders

Helen and Dave Edwards specialize in empowering people to be better decision-makers and problem-solvers in the complex age of machines and data. They are co-founders of Sonder Studio, a research, education, and consulting company that helps leaders better craft decision-making practices and problem-solving processes for the future of work.Helen and Dave are the co-authors of Make Better Decisions: How to Improve your Decision-Making in the Digital Age and co-hosts of the podcast, Artificiality.As a husband-and-wife team, they have worked together since 2009, saying they wouldn’t have it any other way. During that time, Helen and Dave have founded five companies together. Most recently, they sold their artificial intelligence market research firm, Intelligentsia, to Atlantic Media, continuing their work at Atlantic Media’s subsidiary Quartz.

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Helen Edwards, Founder

Helen has spent her career at the edges of chaos: where technological innovation collides head-on with traditional ways of doing things. She is described as being able to “link the un-linkable,” to see new counter-intuitive outcomes, and having a knack for spotting the signal in the noise. As well as being a successful entrepreneur, Helen has been a venture capitalist and technology executive. Helen’s past experience includes co-founding Intelligentsia which was acquired by Atlantic Media. Helen was also CIO of Transpower, New Zealand’s national grid, head of emerging products at Pacific Gas and Electric, and head of corporate venturing for Meridian Energy. Helen now advises senior leaders on how to use technology to hone their decision-making skills and leverage their intuitive strengths using data.

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Dave Edwards, Founder

Dave is a trend-spotter, analyst, and storyteller. He has spent his career distilling and advancing big technology trends like AI, the internet, and cleantech. His brain is split in two with half dedicated to creatively designing consumer experiences while the other half has an uncanny ability to find the right metric to measure and build upon. He is a trusted advisor who delivers the moment of clarity that empowers executives to make challenging decisions in complex markets. Dave’s past experience includes co-founding Intelligentsia which was acquired by Atlantic Media. At Apple, he was head of software application marketing, where he absorbed Steve Jobs’ product ethos that design isn’t just what something looks and feels like—design is how it works. Dave was also head of consumer strategy at SunPower, a lead technology research analyst at Morgan Stanley, and a partner at Charles River Ventures and ThinkEquity Partners.

Meet Our Team

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