Solving Complex Problems with Service Design

Our research-based design services help your organization reimagine complex systems, services, and products.
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Sonder Studio running a service design workshop

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

What We Do

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Solving complex problems in a workshops
Sonder design thinking = Human-centered design + AI

Our strategy and design services

Solving complex problems in a workshops
Sonder design thinking = Human-centered design + AI

Solving complex problems with design.

Emergent design sprints to solve complex problems.

We work with companies to solve complex problems created by interconnected people and machines. Our modern digital world has created extraordinary complexity, creating problems that are emergent and adaptive. These complex problems do not yield to traditional problem-solving tools and techniques. We use our unique complex problem-solving process to help you and your organization succeed in the complex digital age.

Making better decisions through change.

Change management to improve decision making.

Data is supposed to make decisions easier. But the reality is that data makes decisions more complex. You’re not alone if you feel your team is having more trouble making decisions, especially with big data and AI. We work with you to understand your team’s skills and needs to create a change management program to improve your decision making system.

Big Data & AI products through design.

Digital and system design integrating the best of AI.

We work with companies to co-create innovative products and services that leverage the best of modern data systems and AI using our unique human-centered AI design system. Whether it’s designing and developing a new product or service from existing data, refreshing your existing service with new insights, or creating a whole new thing—we can work with you how it suits you.

AI success through strategy design.

Co-creating change to maximize collective intelligence.

Digital transformation with AI is all about people. While data infrastructure, technology, and algorithms are essential, the biggest gains come through strategy and change management to create new roles and knowledge sharing between humans and AI. We design change programs to help your people make the best use of new predictions and judgments from machines, creating the best of collective intelligence. 

Case studies

Select case studies of our work in AI strategy, complex problem solving, product design, and service design.

Futuristic 3d line drawing meant to represent complexity

Case study: Helping People at Company X Better Solve Complex Problems

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Dave Edwards working at a table with employees from R/GA during a workshop

Case study: R/GA is Even More Creative with Inspirational, Inclusive Design

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UX design screenshots for data portal design project

Case study: Designing an AI-powered knowledge management system

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UX design for coaching app for golfers

Case study: Designing an AI-powered sports app

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UX design for data portal for venture capital industry

Case study: Designing a data portal for the venture capital industry

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