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Announcing [Your Team's] Generative AI Summit

May 9, 2023
Knowledge workers learning about AI in a workshop setting

The world of Generative AI is evolving rapidly, and an astounding 100 million knowledge workers in the US and 1 billion worldwide must urgently acquire skills in technologies like ChatGPT. As AI continues to reshape our work, 44% of those in need of these critical skills claim they lack the time. Companies that want to lead in the AI age need to make time for generative AI skill building—now.

High stakes accompany this urgency: since ChatGPT's public launch, more than one third of workers have exposed confidential company data to ChatGPT and more than two thirds haven’t told their bosses they are using ChatGPT. The need to act is clear. Delaying risks disaster.

Postponing the adoption of Generative AI also means postponing the amplification of your team's skills. Early studies indicate that people are more creative, productive, and innovative with Generative AI. Your competitors are realizing this, and will soon be faster and smarter, as Generative AI functions as a whole collective of new minds for your business.

Our one-day, intensive Generative AI Summit offers the solution to this pressing challenge. Designed for teams seeking to master working alongside Generative AI, we empower professionals such as product managers, program managers, marketing managers, data analysts, developers, financial analysts, and others to tap into AI's potential and elevate their performance.

During the Summit, your team will create a shared mental model for utilizing Generative AI within their specific context. Our hands-on approach goes beyond effective prompting techniques, focusing on customizing strategies and tactics tailored to your team's unique needs. By the Summit's end, your team will have acquired the skills to integrate AI into their workflows, enhancing collective skills, ensuring accurate use, and prioritizing safety and security.

The value of our Summit lies in fostering powerful synergy between human creativity and AI intelligence. Fully integrating Generative AI into your organization leads to increased efficiency, enhanced decision-making, and a competitive edge in an AI-driven world.

The digital landscape is ever-changing, with countless new tools and apps emerging each day. To support your team's continuous growth and adaptation, we include ongoing monthly briefing and update sessions as part of the package.

The pace of change is relentless, but with the right support, you can transform this seemingly insurmountable challenge into your organization's greatest advantage. It's time to embrace the cutting-edge tools and strategies that will enable you to stay ahead.

Now is the time to invest in our one-day intensive Summit, transforming your organization's approach to Generative AI. Equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to safely and effectively collaborate with AI, unlocking the full potential of human-AI synergy, and driving your organization to new heights of success.

Why Sonder Studio:

We have been helping people understand and innovate with AI since 2015. We’ve worked with a wide variety of companies and teams to help them realize opportunities with AI. We specialize in integrating AI into organizations by understanding how AI changes strategies, decision making, innovation, and workflows. Our interactive programs include strategy, innovation, problem solving, and decision making.

Our programs are grounded in the science of artificial intelligence, collective intelligence, complexity, data science, neuroscience, and psychology. We distill complex industry dynamics and technologies for everyone on your team because digital transformation with AI is all about people. We bring it all together by guiding your team to the best practical applications so that your organization can change quickly and effectively along with emerging AI.

About Sonder Studio:

We created Sonder Studio to empower humans in our complex age of machines, data, and AI. Through our strategy, innovation, and change services, we help organizations activate the collective intelligence of humans and AI. We work with leaders in tech, data, and analytics to co-create AI strategies, design innovative AI products and services, and craft change management programs that help their people succeed in an AI-powered, data-centric, complex world. We leverage the new world of foundation models, generative AI, and low-code environments to create an amplified human-machine experience centered on machines that can be a mind for our minds. Learn more at