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About Sonder Studio

At Sonder Studio, we specialize in full-stack design for people in the digital age. We believe digital transformation is actually about people, and we are on a mission to empower companies to make better decisions, design better things, solve better problems, and design better intelligence. Working at the intersection of human and artificial intelligence, Sonder Studio does this through culture change management, speaking and workshops, and human-centered product design.

Meet our team of creators, designers and problem solvers.

Helen and Dave Edwards are serial entrepreneurs. Sonder Studio, a company focused on helping humans succeed in the digital age is their fifth company. In 2017, they sold their artificial intelligence market research firm, Intelligentsia, to Atlantic Media, continuing their work at Atlantic Media’s subsidiary Quartz. As a husband-and-wife team, they have worked together since 2009, saying they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Helen Edwards, Founder

As well as being a successful entrepreneur, Helen has been a venture capitalist and technology executive. She is described as being able to “link the unlinkable,” and having a knack for spotting the signal in the noise. Helen advises senior leaders on how to use technology to hone their decision-making skills and leverage their intuitive strengths using data.

Dave Edwards, Founder

Dave is an experienced entrepreneur, executive, investor, and advisor. At Apple, he was head of software application marketing, where he absorbed Steve Jobs’ product ethos that design isn't just what something looks and feels like—design is how it works. Dave advises leaders and founders on how to use design and technology to build better businesses.

Meet Our Team

Skye Hu
UX/UI Designer
Robbin Fan
UX/UI Designer
Wendi Su
UX/UI Designer