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We help humans work better with machines.

And we design machines that work better for humans.

Helen and Dave Edwards
Helen and Dave Edwards

«Helen and Dave are two of the most fascinating human beings I've crossed paths with in this industry and are well worth following.»

— Josh Lovejoy, Google.


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what we do:


Making decisions with data can be harder than people expect. We explain why this is so and what to do about it.


Data and machines can conflict with experience and intuition. We take groups on deep learning journeys to understand the complex relationship between humans and machines and how to design better decisions.


Knowledge resides in the community, where data is increasingly readable only by machines. We translate interaction into design that works for humans.


Teams are now hybrids of both human and machine employees. We help the human leaders manage their journey into the future of work.


working with:
The New York Times
The State of Oregon

The New York Times says:

«Helen and Dave delivered a brilliant session for our 500-person advertising team at The New York Times.

For businesses not inherently rooted in technology, there is perhaps no phenomena as alluring in its potential, inevitable in its advance and utterly terrifying by virtue of its technical and moral complexity as artificial intelligence.

Dave and Helen delivered a uniquely engaging session that addressed this exact complexity and everyone came away from the workshop more optimistic about the role AI will play in their business moving forward.»

The New York Times
Zazie Pence
The New York Times


There’s no style over substance here. I bring together form and the function to create something that looks good.


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«Talking with you is the highlight of my week, no my month, no my year»

What our clients say
about us:

«Helen and Dave's ability to make AI simple is outstanding»


General-purpose, multi paradigm, compiled to the last programming language which developed by Apple Inc

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Everything that’s important to recording fast.

Helen and Dave are masters in translating complex issues into compelling, relatable stories.

They have a knack for pulling disparate pieces together in a way that helps people understand the bigger picture.

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