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Designing for people in the digital age
because digital transformation is
actually about people

A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective, economist and evolutionary strategist.

Buckminster Fuller

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Make Better Decisions
Data-driven decision-making


Design Better Things
Digital product design


Solve Better Problems
Complex problem-solving


Design Better Intelligence
Amplifying human creativity

Make Better Decisions

Data promised to make decisions easier but data is no guarantee of a good decision. The complexity and scale of modern data defies our evolved intuitions. Through our book and decision making workshops, we give you build the skills you need to succeed in the age of data, algorithms, and AI.

How to stop making bad decisions and start making better decisions.

Design Better Things

All products are digital products. We design digital products that use data, algorithms, and AI that make people’s lives better. We work with you to design human-centered digital products that people love.

How to start designing better products for digital experiences.

Solve Better Problems

Digital transformation makes problems complex. We help you develop the skills to step through complex problems by exploring data and asking better questions.

How to use the digital age to solve better problems.

Design Better Intelligence

Humans are fantastic and flawed. Our weaknesses can be compensated by machines’ strengths. Make use of this complementarity to get the best of both worlds by designing better intelligence for both humans and machines.

How to design strong cultures in the digital age.

Sonder Creations

Decision Making Workshop Book
Decision Making Workshop Book
Decision Making Workshop Book

Helping you achieve your goals

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You could increase financial benefits from investment in AI and big data?

Your entire team knew how and when to use data in decision-making?

You could create new customer services that use AI in ways that would delight your customers?

You could interpret, visualize and tell stories with data?

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